New York City

Inspiring Minds NYC was founded in 2018 to provide services to under-represented youth in grades 9-12.

After-School & Summer Programming

After-School and Summer Programming is offered weekly for students focusing on education, mentoring, leadership, arts, civic engagement, college and career readiness, internships, personal development and so much more. 

At Inspiring Minds, students work in a happy, safe and structured environment that encourages them to become the next generation of leaders.

IM Leadership Institute includes 3 programs that develop leadership skills in high school youth through deepening their knowledge of cultural identity & history through our Know Your History Program, understanding how to activate their power through our CIVICS program, and how to prioritize their emotional and physical well-being through our Life Goal Labs. Each program can also be a stand-alone program and is implemented during the school day.

Pay It Forward Internship Program is a youth-centered leadership model that positions select youth leaders in your school to assess programs, provide feedback, co-lead events/initiatives for the school community, and mentor their peers as needed. Participants host special events, present for special guests, and develop public speaking skills.

After-School Enrichment Activities include Changemakers, a student-centered arts education program rooted in Social Justice and dedicated to expanding that practice to create change in schools and communities; Martials Arts “Walk Like A Warrior”, a Self-Defense and Anti-Bullying programs where students will learn safe & effective real-world self-defense techniques, confrontation-avoidance and de-escalation strategies, and overall street-smart habits of mind; and Cadet Hoops Basketball, youth engagement through instructional basketball-themed programs focusing on teaching the core fundamentals of the game in a fun, instructional, and semi-competitive environment.

IM CEO Youth-Led Programs – IMCEO is a spin-off from our IMConnected program! Several of our youth-led pilot programs are very successful and through IMCEO, the youth leaders continue to provide their services to our school partners during the school year and Summer. After two years of learning the business side of their programs with us, they are positioned to run their programs as their own business such as Gloves Up, Guns Down, MBK Mentors, Sikirat Tutors, and Round Political Literacy for Teens.

The Young Women’s Empowerment Program builds and connects with young ladies who are seeking to become agents of change in their communities. This 15-week experience will deepen your knowledge in the following areas: Cultural Identity, Health & Wellness, Civiv Engagement and more.

MBK Leadership Institute builds and connects with young men who are seeking to become agents of change in their communities. This 8-month experience will deepen your knowledge in the following areas: Cultural Identity, Healthy Communities, Activating My Power and more.

Youth-Led Events – IM NYC hosts a variety of youth-led events from town halls to youth conferences, all designed to engage youth in leadership.

Support for Parents & Teachers – We are able to make the most powerful impact when we are able to connect with the teachers and parents of the students we are serving through professional development or parent workshops - this way our youth are able to feel some consistency with our approach with different stakeholders.

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